9/11 Flag

Explore the 9/11 Flag Collection for Soldiers and Find Inspiration for Flag Hanging

It’s crucial to recall the event every year and raise the 9/11 Never Forget flag to commemorate the victims. Come with us if you want to be a part of the commemoration.

The September 11 attacks are the terrorist attack in the annals of humanity and the worst tragedy in American history for law enforcement and firefighters.

Now, let’s take a look at our models. Flagwix also shares some tips for choosing and hanging them. Read through, and you will be ready to fly your flag!

Types of 9/11 Never Forget Flag In Our Store

What do you think and want to express about the event? We divide our flags depending on the messages they convey. So consider your thoughts and check the four types of 911 flags of honor we provide right here.  

Flags To Honor Those Who Sacrificed

Wars broke out, and people sacrificed their lives for others. Hence, we still want to honor their courage and bravery in our hearts when time passes.

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Flags To Honor Those Who Sacrificed

Beyond that, their identities and significance will remain in our memory and recitation for all eternity.

With that thought in mind, we make many of our 911 flag designs to remember those American heroes. They can be volunteer firefighters, military soldiers, police officers, or ordinary people who decided to sacrifice their life.

We would like to use short yet touching quotes on the flags, such as “Forever in our hearts” or “We will never forget.” They are what we want to say to the soldiers killed in that tragedy. 

911 we will never forget

Flags to honor those who sacrificed

Flags For Deep Commemoration

We fly flags not only for the rescuers in the attacks. This tragic event also calls for everyone’s patriotism, posing a considerable impact on the whole of society. 

Flags For Deep Commemoration

So, always put your pride, love, and patriotism at the front and center.

If you want to fly a 9/11 Never Forget flag in honor of a beloved one who has passed away, make sure it has the images or phrases that will help you remember them peacefully. 

911 never forget - firefighter

Flags for deep commemoration

Flags For Those Who Carry On Without Their Loved Ones

Your pain will hardly heal if your loved one is among the fallen people. We know your feelings and, therefore, come up with many designs to sympathize with. 

Flags For Those Who Carry On Without Their Loved Ones

These flags can be a valuable reminder that people still love and honor their loved ones daily.

They also show another crucial fact, notably, the extent of the pain suffered by the survivors.

Even though we can’t take away the sorrow of those who have lost someone they love, we always try to make soothing products. Hopefully, raising the American flag 9/11 can comfort them. 

Flags for those who carry on without their loved ones

Flags for those who carry on without their loved ones

Flags For Pride

We show both commemoration and pride for the fallen heroes. We are always proud of you, who didn’t hesitate to sacrifice your lives. 

Flags For Pride

These flags are the least sorrowful items. They don’t aim to mourn but express heartfelt gratitude to the survivors.

Flags for pride

Flags for pride

Let’s take a look at some new updates of Flagwix for 9/11 Flags:

Are you looking for something truly special to commemorate patriotic occasions? Do you want to be inspired by the most exclusive flag designs dedicated to 9/11? Or perhaps you’re searching for a meaningful gift to show gratitude and respect to soldiers, veterans, and community heroes?

We have all you need! Introducing Flagwix’s exclusive 9/11 Flag Collection. Available for a limited time only, these unique and limited edition flags can only be found at Flagwix during the 9/11 period. If you’re seeking a standout piece for Patriotic Day, Independence Day, or Veteran’s Day, our Flagwix collection has you covered.

Do you often struggle to find distinctive decoration ideas for patriotic occasions? Have you been disappointed with the lack of diverse and meaningful gifts to honor our heroes? We understand your frustration.

At Flagwix, we’re committed to creating more than just flags. Each design carries a heartfelt story and message, infused with our passion and creativity. We empathize with the desire to go beyond traditional expressions of respect and gratitude on solemn national holidays. Our collection pays tribute to various patriots and soldiers, including police, military personnel, firefighters, navy officers, veterans, and fallen heroes.

Let’s go beyond clichéd celebrating and gestures. Let Flagwix elevate your commemoration to a new level, more than just the original national flag. Our 9/11 Flag Collection offers a wide range of designs that embody the spirit and sacrifice of those who have dedicated themselves to serving our country.

Join us in honoring the brave heroes who have made extraordinary contributions. Show your pride and gratitude with a flag that tells a unique story. Visit Flagwix today and explore our exclusive 9/11 Flag Collection.

Buy now and proudly display your respect and gratitude.

9/11 Never forget Flag My Brother Is My Guardian Angel QNK383Fv1

9/11 Never forget Flag My Brother Is My Guardian Angel QNK383Fv1


9 11 Memorial Grommet Flag Never Forget BNN441GF

911 Never Forget September 11th Patriot Day Eagle American Flag MLN454F

911 Never Forget September 11th Patriot Day Eagle American Flag MLN454F

Are you asked?

911 Flag We Will Never Forget Firefighter BNN400F

911 Flag We Will Never Forget Firefighter BNN400F

What customers say?

“What attracted me to this flag was the pentagon with the twin towers used as part of the date. It is a symbol that’s used and one I really like. So I had to get it. The flag is beautiful and well made. Also the item was delivered to me in a timely manner. Good job by all involved”. – Joseph Arnold

“I ordered the amazing 9/11 Flag and gifted it to my son-in-law, who is a #1 patriot. He thanked me by immediately displaying it at the front of their beautiful home. The flag is large and very-well made. TY for creating this beautiful salute to our amazing America !!” – Giovanna Marcoccia

“I bought the full size flag for us to fly. It is beautiful. I then ordered a garden flag for our son and daughter in law as she lost her dad on 9-11. They have an HOA that only allows one full size flag, so they can still fly their American flag and have the 343 as a garden flag”. – Sharon Fletcher

Take Note of These Things Before Displaying Your 911 Flags

Have you chosen the flag to hang? If yes, your job won’t end there. We will share with you some tips to let the 9/11 flag fly correctly and beautifully. 

When To Display Never Forget Flag?

9/11 flags are suitable to fly on certain days of commemoration:

  • Patriot Day (September 11) is a remembrance occasion to honor nearly 3,000 civilians who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
  • Memorial Day (May 30) is a federal holiday in America to mourn American military soldiers who passed away while serving in the armed forces. 
  • Veterans Day (November 11), Armistice Day, with “11 hours of the 11 days of the 11 months” of 1918, which marked the end of World War I.

Do not forget that you use these flags to express appreciation. It might not always be suitable or acceptable to exhibit one on occasions other than the three indicated above.

If you decide to fly your 9/11 American flag on different days, ensure you do it respectfully and discreetly to avoid hurting anyone or provoking a controversy.

How To Display a 9/11 Flag At Home?

Often, homes and businesses hang the 9/11 ground zero flag outside. However, you can also choose other ways to express your honor.

Here are some ideas for the 9/11 flag raising.

On a wall

You can hang your September 11 American flag on the inside or outside wall. Any position may work as long as it’s prominent and looks respectful. 

Display a 911 Flag on a wall

It would be best to place the flag where it receives full illumination. Moreover, the weather shouldn’t affect it, especially if you want to use the flag for years. 

Depending on the material, the flag may wear and tear easily. Hence, choose a place that is clear of sharp furniture and external elements like weather. 

If you like hanging your 9/11 memorial flag on a wall, please follow these steps for the best result:

  • Find a pole that can fit snugly into the top side of the flag.
  • Insert a rope into both ends of the pole.
  • Attach a hook to the wall to hang the rope. 

On the porch

The 911 remembrance flag may also look great with a flagpole. Simply attach the flagpole to your porch.

Display a 911 FlagOn the porch

Your flag will shine there because it’s the first people see when coming to or by your house. 

The effect will be much better when the flag catches the sunlight. Even after the sun goes down, your artificial light still makes its gloss.

Otherwise, you can take the flag down and put it up the next morning.  

On the eaves

Hoisting a flag on staff seems to be the most popular choice. Yet, you can also hang it down from the eaves. This idea is uncommon yet interesting. 

How To Display a 911 Flag At Home On the eaves

It’s entirely up to you how you view things and whether you choose to do it at all, but this has an amazing effect with multiple implications.

The most important thing to do before hanging the flag is to measure the available space.

If your flag can fit, things will be fantastic. If not, the result will disappoint you. 

Choose the right place to display your flag

Choose the right place to display your flag

How To Respect The Flag?

There are guidelines for displaying the flag, especially the American flag, with care. Remember whether you hand your flag outside, inside, or on your vehicle. 

  • Any vehicle, including a boat and train, should not have the flag placed over its sides, back, top, and hood. 
  • Avoid using any part of the flag as an outfit or athletic uniform. 
  • Do not utilize the flag for drapery, bedding sheets, or apparel. 
  • Never cover the ceiling with the flag. 
  • Do not place any picture, figure, letter, or mark on the flag or any of its sections. 
  • The flag shouldn’t receive, carry, hold, or deliver anything. 
  • Do not use the flag to promote anything. Also, avoid attaching advertising signs to the staff and halyard of the flag. 
  • Do not attach anything to the flag if you just use it temporarily. 
  • Avoid embroidering, printing, or embossing the flag on your accessories, like napkins or boxes. 

Additional American Flag Etiquette

Most of your flags include the American flag image. Hence, treat it correctly. The following tips will help you with this. 

  • Only display the flag from staff when joining a parade. 
  • The flag image can only appear on the uniforms of firefighters, a 9/11 firefighters raising flag poster, military personnel, police officers, or patriotic organizations. 
  • Remember to place the lapel flag on the left lapel, which is close to the heart. 
  • Do not let the flag touch anything under it, like water or ground. 
  • Always carry the flag high and free. 
  • Let the flag fall free and avoid pulling or folding it. 
  • Protect and maintain the flag. 

american flag with the twin towers

Respect the flag with all your heart

How To Choose A 9/11 Flag?

We offer many designs, which may make you confused. But don’t worry. This buying guide will help you make an informed decision. 


There are four options for you. Consider the available space and where you hang the flag to decide. 

  • 11.5″ x 17.5″ (Garden flag)
  • 29.5″ x 39.5″ (House flag)
  • 3 x 5 feet
  • 4 x 6 feet 
  • 5 x 8 feet


We use canvas to make the flags. This material offers many benefits, such as:

  • Durability: It can last for months without fading. Moreover, the fabric is highly sturdy, making it an excellent long-term investment. 
  • Washability: This material is easy to wash. Hence, you can maintain your flag and extend its lifespan. 
  • Printing compatibility: Colors look nice on canvas. 


We put our hearts into the design as we want our customers to use it for meaningful occasions.

You can easily search on your site, discovering that each design has a different message and effect. 

The decision of design is personal. Think about what you want the flag to express and settle on the best choice.  


As aforementioned, we divide our flags into four sections based on their messages. Hence, feel free to choose the one that speaks for you. 

We use the same “Never Forget” for this collection. Regardless of your design, you have our message: Never forget that day and always remember all the fallen heroes and innocent victims killed in the tragedy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

half flag

1. Can a flag be flown at half-staff on Patriot Day?

Yes, one of the designated days when you can hang American flags at half-staff is Patriot Day. 

Every year, the President releases a new proclamation outlining the day’s importance and requiring all flags to fly at half-staff from dawn until dusk. 

2. Do I have to lower the flag to half-staff?

Federal and state organizations must follow the rules established in the Presidential Proclamation but frequently encourage citizens to join. 

On the other hand, private organizations and homes don’t have to do it. However, following this manner is a kind gesture of commemoration.  

3. What is the right way to lower the flag to half-staff?

If your flag flies the whole day, you can lower it to half-staff in the morning and raise it in the evening. 

Please note that you shouldn’t let any other flag hang above the American one.

If you have others, you can lower them or take them off before dropping the American flag. 

If you bring your flag inside at night and display it at half-staff in the morning, first hoist it to full-staff for a short period, then lower it. 

4. Can you display an American flag indoors?

Yes, you can. You can hang your flag indoors if you follow the etiquette and respect it. 

5. On which side of the house can I hang an American flag?

The two to bear in mind if you’re looking for some sound general guidelines are:

  • When displaying additional flags next to your banner on the entrance, place them on the left side.
  • Place the unit in the top-left corner at all times.


Raising a 9/11 flag on Patriot Day is a gesture of respect for the warriors who lost their lives in that attack. Also, it gives us a day—and perhaps years—to remember the people who died on that day.

We sincerely hope that you can find what you need on Flagwix. Please email us at support@flagwix.com if you have any questions about the flag design or customer care.

We will reply to you as soon as possible and help you choose the ideal flags for your needs. Thank you sincerely.