St Patricks Day Flag

St Patricks Day Flag – The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Irish House

How to decorate your Irish house with the St Patricks Day Flag? What does the design of this flag symbolize? And where can you buy it online? We are here to answer all your questions and provide you with everything you need to know about the St Patrick’s Day Flag. Let’s get started!

st patrick day irish flag

What is St Patricks Day Flag?

In Case You Don’t Know About The Day

St. Patrick’s day celebrates all things Irish, a national holiday held in honor of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint.

On St. Paddy’s day, you can expect to see some green and hear some traditional Irish music. But why green? That’s because St. Patrick famously used it to explain Christianity to Druids in Ireland and bring about unity between pagans and Christians.

In short, he used it to help convert Ireland from paganism to Christianity (it worked). Green is also one of Ireland’s most famous colors—it’s on both their flag and their money. So, if you plan on making your house Irish for St. Patrick’s day, make sure you have at least one green thing out.

The Saint Patrick’s Day Flag

In fact, there is no definitive orthodox version of the Saint Patrick’s Day flag. It can be found in any design that features the colors green, orange, and white.

Most of these flags are based on the Irish flag, which features a lucky shamrock in the middle.

Trust me— If you get lost in a St. Patrick’s Day parade, you’ll see a plethora of flags with varying designs but the same beautiful green color.

Here, we have included people’s favorite St. Patrick’s Day Flag designs. Besides adding to a festive parade, they are stunning on any house!

Most people fly their St. Patrick’s Day flags to show pride in their culture and heritage, but you don’t have to be of Irish descent to display your flags! Anyone can enjoy St. Patrick’s day flags, regardless of where they are from!

That being said, when do I fly my St Patrick’s day flags? There are a few key days during which displaying them is not only accepted but encouraged: March 17th, March 18th, and March 19th.

We also highly recommend that you fly the flags whenever possible! It’s such an easy way to share your culture with others around you and really embodies those traditional celebrations.

The St. Patrick’s day flag is a perfect icon for sharing your love for Ireland with everyone else!

Popular Types of St Patrick’s Day Flags

ST Patricks Day House Flag

St Patrick’s Day House Flags

Large house flags are a unique and popular way to commemorate the day when Christianity was first introduced to Ireland. These flags, which include symbols such as a shamrock, leprechauns, Celtic cross, coins, and so on, represent a homeowner’s pride in his culture and beliefs.

We have a large selection of St. Patrick’s Day Flags in our store (lest you forget it). Just remind yourself that March is quickly approaching, and you don’t want your home without the Irish green!

ST Patricks Day Gadern Flag

St Patrick’s Day Flags – Garden Flag

Buying a St Patrick’s Day garden flag is an excellent way to spruce up your property for March. Garden flags make an ideal accessory for your lawn and will put everyone in a St Patrick’s day mood.

You can buy these St Patrick’s Day Flags from most department stores, but if you want to get unique ones, you can search our collection to find one that fits your style. We have created some gorgeous Irish garden flags that many customers would love to get for their own houses. What about you? Have a quick look!

ST Patricks Day American Flag

St Patrick’s Day American Flag

This type of flag is often flown by Americans who have some Irish ancestry and want to pay homage to St Patrick in an authentic way. They also like that it works well with other flags such as England and Canada since they are flying them together during St Patty’s day celebrations.

There are no laws against doing so, but technically these countries’ flags aren’t meant to be paired together. They’re designed just to adorn a house according to the homeowner’s demand.

ST Patricks Day Grome Flag

St Patrick’s Day Gnome Garden Flag

If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your home for the Irish flag St Patrick’s Day, we recommend that you purchase a gnome garden flag.

Initially developed in Europe as a way to notify neighbors when something was wrong with their homes (they could place red flags over their front doors), today these small flags can be used in all sorts of ways, including holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and—you guessed it—St. Patrick’s Day!

Having one or two St Patrick’s Day Flags around your home will help ensure that everyone knows that you are an avid supporter of green beer and leprechaun hats.

St Patricks Day Banners

St Patrick’s day themed banners are a simple way to get into the party spirit, and they can be placed indoors or outdoors depending on how long you want them up. To ensure your banners last as long as possible, we suggest using some form of weatherproofing so wind and rain don’t impact their quality.

St Patrick’s Day Flags Craft (DIY)

When you think of St Patrick’s Day, you probably imagine green beer, leprechauns, and those little shamrocks everywhere. What you may not think about is how easy it is to create your own St Patrick’s Day outdoor flag that can be placed in your window or hung outside your home.

Here are some quick tips for putting together a fast and fun way to show off your green!

Step 1. Get a green fabric. 

Step 2. Cut into a square shape; 3cm x 3cm should be enough. 

Step 3. Sew your flag! Just make sure you don’t use fabric paint, but a normal sewing needle and thread instead.

Step 4. Use a white piece of cloth for the background and cut it into 5×5 cm for instance.

Step 5. Sew them onto each other.

Step 6. Place them in your window or somewhere else where people can see them! 

You’ve just made yourself an awesome St Patrick’s day flag! Go ahead and try it out with all sorts of sizes, shapes, and materials! Don’t forget to take pictures for us to feature here!

St Patrick’s Day Flags For Sale On Flagwix

If you’re going to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, then you’ll need some green decorations in your house. When it comes to St. Patrick’s day flags, there are many different options that you can use in your home.

It can be hard to find these flags, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our Flagwix favorites. Keep searching in our shop to find your favorites!

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What does the Irish flag look like?

The flag of Ireland is a vertical tricolor of green, white, and orange. It is commonly referred to as the national flag, but it is properly known as the national flag and ensign of Ireland.

#2 Which flag color originally stood for St. Patrick’s Day?

Green is typically known as St. Patrick’s day color, but that wasn’t always so. Throughout history, green has been a symbol of new life, growth, and rebirth. It is no wonder then that green is associated with Saint Patrick’s day and all it represents.

However, there was one year when red was also recognized as an official St Patrick’s day color for several years. During that time, parades marched through major cities with red flags flying high above them. This flag first appeared in New York City in 1867 and is still remembered today as a holiday flag of sorts since its colors were later adopted by other holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

#3 Where to buy a St. Patrick’s Day flag on the internet?

You can buy a St. Patrick’s Day flag on Flagwix. Our online store is a one-stop shop for decorative flags, including St. Patrick’s Day flags. Here, you can find many different Saint Patrick’s Day house flags and garden flags inspired by famous Celtic symbols.


St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17. Its origins are derived from Ireland and it is an annual festival celebrating Ireland’s patron saint. It is an observance held during Lent and Eastertide in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Britain, Canada, and America.

If you live in any of these areas and are interested in celebrating the day, decorate your home with a St. Patrick’s Day flag. It’s surely an excellent home decor to express our faith and pride.