Memorial Day

How To Hang Memorial Day Flag

Memorial Day approaches the last Monday of May, and the Memorial Day Flag has become a popular way to commemorate all fallen soldiers in the U.S. military service. It’s also a beautifully contemporaneous action that all Americans hang the flags on their house.

Although the message is clear, many folks might have no clue how to fly their flags properly. So in this guide, we will show you the right way to commemorate our heroes through flags. Besides, we’ll also introduce some types of Memorial Day Flag that we cover and adds unique accents to your property on this special day.

What is Memorial Day Flag?

Memorial Day is a holiday marked as a special day of remembrance and honor since 1968. The United States Congress designates May 25 as Memorial Day, a day to remember those who died while serving in our country’s military services. It usually occurs on the last Monday of the month. On this day, folks hang and fly the Old Glory from house to house, creating a gorgeous red-white-and-blue scene in a block. 

During national or state remembrance days, American flags are most commonly displayed. But, it’s alright for individuals and organizations to use specialized flags such as police flags, veteran flags, thin red line flags, etc. People can fly it with the American flag as long as it does not detract from the precious value of American Memorial Day. They must, however, follow the memorial day flag protocol.

Memorial Day Flag

Memorial Day Flag Etiquette

Since the American flag is a sacred symbol of our country, and Memorial Day is all about commemorating, you must follow some rules when displaying the flag. 

  • The flag is only on display from open until noon; however, it can be kept on display for the rest of the day if you illuminate it at night. The Old Glory should never be displayed in the dark.
  • Lowering the flag must go ceremonious while raising it should be done briskly.
  • When hanging the flag on the wall, make sure the union jack is in the upper left as viewed by people looking into it.
  • No flag, pennant, or banner of any kind should be placed above the American flag and to its (own) right as a prominent position (except for the church pennant during church services conducted by naval chaplains at sea for personnel of the Navy)
  • The flag flown at half-staff at some particular times in the United States: 
    1. Peace Officers Memorial Day (May 15)
    2. Memorial Day (May 25)
    3. Patriot Day (September 12)
    4. National Firefighters Memorial Day (October 9)
    5. Pearl Harbor Day (December 7)

Half-Staff Calendar 2022

Half Staff Calendar

What are the typical reasons for half-staff proclamations?

    • Death of principal figures in the U.S. Government
    • Death of local government officials
    • Death of foreign dignitaries
    • Death of a military person
    • Death of a civil service person

How long should I fly the flag?

    • 30 days – After the death of the President or Former President.
    • 10 days – For Vice President, Chief of Justice, Retired Chief of Justice, or Speaker of the House.
    • 02 days – For a member of Congress, day of and day after.
    • Until burial – For Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Secretary of a Military, Department, Former, Vice President or the Governor of a State.

Flagwix’s Flags on Memorial Day

While there are some basic rules to follow, it’s okay to get creative with your flag during Memorial Day. Just make sure you fly it with respect and consult the U.S. Flag Code before putting up anything together with the American flag.

At Flagwix, we offer a wide range of one-of-a-kind flags created by creative minds and sincere hearts. We would like to thank military soldiers for their existence in this world and for always being prepared to protect our people. It is the reason for the construction of these flags.

Memorial Day Flag

Our designs always feature the American flag to create a patriotic effect and not take the flag away from the meaning of a memorial day that belongs to America. On the flags, we print respectful messages to pay tribute to the deceased heroes. 

Our designs always include the American flag to create a patriotic effect while not detracting from the significance of such a day that belongs to America. We print meaningful messages on the banners to pay tribute to the fallen heroes. Furthermore, the silhouettes of soldiers on the flag serve as a reminder of what Memorial Day is all about.


Remember always to honor those who gave their lives for our freedoms. We love America, and we need to work together to make sure it stays great! 

I hope you enjoyed my post about how to fly your flag of any kind on Memorial Day. If you have any questions or comments about flying your Memorial Day flag, please contact our Support Team at

Thank you! Have a great day!