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3x5 Flag with Grommets For Holiday Exterior Home Decor

In every American household, there must be at least one 3×5 flag recognizable on porches, exterior walls, and yard flagpoles. Whether yours is the American flag or a decorative holiday flag, this size is ideal for displaying both outdoors and indoors.

Before you purchase one of our 3X5 flags with grommets, check out their important features so you would have a flag-using experience as expected.

Grommet Flag

How Big Is a 3X5 Flag?

A 3X5 flag is three feet tall and five feet wide, approximately equal to 36” X 60”. That size is about 92 cm tall and 152 cm wide in centimeters.

This size is big enough for a flag to be hung on a vertical yard flagpole rather than on interior walls.

What Size Flag Pole For a 3X5 Flag?

There are different standard lengths for a flagpole used for a 3×5 flag. A house flagpole should be 6′ long, while a vertical yard flagpole should be 20′ tall.

How Much Does a 3X5 Flag Weigh?

A 3X5 flag made of canvas is around 0.8 lbs. Canvas is a lightweight fabric material — so depending on the material a flag is made out of, it can weigh differently from other flags though in the same size.

Furthermore, despite weighing only 0.8 lbs, canvas flags are not flimsy but rather heavy-duty due to their unique fiber construction. Besides that, our product is not one of the market’s common flags made of only one piece of fabric. Ours are made of three layers of material to ensure that they are thick enough to last for years.

What Are Flag Grommets Used For?

Our grommets are solid brass and will not rust. Even in high winds, you won’t have to worry about the grommets falling off the flag.
Grommets are attached to either end of a hoist in a position that corresponds to the correct representation of the flag. In addition, flagpole rings are available to connect the grommets to the flagstaff. But it is up to you not to buy those rings from us, in case you already have them, or you do not need them to display the flag (on walls).

Why Do 3X5 Flags Often Come With Grommets?

People will pick a 3X5 grommet flag for certain reasons.
First, hanging the flag of such a size on a vertical outdoor flagpole is preferred; then, grommets work as the tools to keep a flag firmly attached to the pole.

Second, since your flags must fly half-staff during mourning occasions, you need them to go down and up sometimes. Grommets allow you to adjust the height of your flag position on the pole.

What Other Sizes Do We Have?

Flagwix offers grommet flags in the size of 3X5 ft., 4X6 ft., and 5X8 ft.

Grommet Flag Size

How Do You Hang A Grommet Flag?

Hanging a flag with grommets is easier with pole rings and clips. First, make sure to have the pole rings (with the clips) installed firmly on the flagpole. Then, attach each clip to each respective grommet.

Additionally, our flags are all printed double-sided (with text read correctly on either side) — so no worries about those awkward moments when you hang up the flag and realize it looks like a big mistake.

What Types of 3X5 Flags with Grommets Do Flagwix Offer?

3X5 Holiday Flags

Do you fly the flag for special holidays of the year? If yes, check out our Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas flags. With sizes ranging from 3X5 ft. to 5X8 ft., these flags will add a pop of color to your yard and home decor with little effort.

Once you have got a decorative flag on your property, you will realize it makes no sense to spend so much time on those usual verbose decorations for the holidays.

3X5 Seasonal Flags

Many people value the importance of observing a specific season of the year. We love to welcome a new season with a flag because it brings so much hope, joy, and a new beginning.

Nothing says “Welcome Spring” quite like a flag. If you’re tired of a small garden flag, try something more eye-catching like a 3X5 grommet flag. If your house is large enough, try an 8X5 flag to give the house a captivating accent.

3X5 Patriotic Flags

4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, etc., are all occasions for our 3X5 patriotic flags to serve as your patriotism! For that size, we believe your flags will turn the heads of those passersby, making sure you convey your patriotic messages successfully to the public.

Moreover, you’ll let the neighbors know how patriotic you are towards America and those who laid down their lives for the sake of the country. That is how our flags are going to work; also that is why you should get one from us today. Our products are made to inspire!

3X5 Ukraine Flags

It is never enough to say that we stand with Ukraine, and the flags with grommets to speak about it are something we do to share our voice and yours!

Our flags are perfect for spreading your message about Peace in Ukraine with such a size. But if you want to make sure more people will see your flag from a far viewing distance, choose a 4X6 flag or 5X8 feet one!

Final Thoughts

If you ask us what size flag is best for you, we’ll give you dozens of different answers based on your needs. However, the 3X5 flag is the most popular because it is neither too large nor too small, allowing its design to be seen clearly and stunning both outdoors and indoors.

We are a brand that believes in celebrating, honoring, and inspiring people. To make things work, we always make sure our flags come in different ways of displaying. That is expected to allow our customers to choose a suitable option for themselves.

If you are interested in our 3X5 flags with grommets, add one to your cart today, as we are offering a BIG DEAL for new members!

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