3x5 Flag (Grommet Flag)

3×5 Flags: Why They’ll Never Go Out Of Style

When it comes to adorning the house, this is one of the most popular flag sizes. The 3×5 flag is used not only for hanging but also for several house decorations. Now let’s better understand its multitasking with Flagwix.

How Big Is 3×5 Flag?

How Big Is 3x5 Flag

The basic decorative flags are available in three sizes. Garden flags are 11.5″ x 17.5″  (29 x 44cm) in size and are commonly used for outdoor decorative flags and walls. House flags dimension 29.5″ x 39.5″ (75 x 100cm) and is commonly used to display and decorate homes. The 3×5 flag size is significantly larger than the previous two types of flags.

3×5 Flag Dimensions

The 3×5 flag is a much greater size than the garden and house flags: 76.2” x 127” (7.62cm x 12.7cm). This form of the flag is commonly seen atop flagpoles that are tall over the buildings, as well as at festivals, parades, and other events,

Flag Pole For 3×5 Flag

3x5 flagpoles

Choosing the proper flagpole will help you in displaying the flag in the best way possible. The size of the flag and the space available should be considered while selecting a standard flagpole.

The following is the conventional formula for selecting a flagpole: When placed on the vertical ground, the length of the flag must be 1/4 to 1/3 of the height of the flag pole for 3×5 flag with grommets. A 3×5 ft or 4×6 ft flag, for example, would be required for a pole more than 20 feet above the ground.

Furthermore, several remarks about materials, durability, flagpole planting space, and so on will impact your experience when flying the 3×5 flag.

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Custom Flags 3×5 

3×5 flag custom are popular decorative flags. Unlike political or national flags that require flagcodes, decorative flags give you many ideas and free decoration.

Custom 3×5 Flag Printing

Custom 3x5 Flag Printing

In any event, this flag is necessary. Each event has a unique theme, so this flag will be something for you to create and think about. All that remains is to select a printing facility to create your finished product.

First, use picture design platforms to draw designs and concepts, then send the design file to the printing and production company. You can also produce your own items without attending to the workshop for simpler projects like printing on thermal paper or with a home printer.

Custom flags are used at events such as meetings, conferences, entertainment programs, celebrations, and so on to decorate the place and create individuality.

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3x5 custom flag

More for you:

3×5 Flag Case Plans

3x5 Flag Case

The flag case is used to exhibit the flag neatly, elegantly, and dignifiedly folded. If you do not want to display the flag on the flagpole, you can place it on the wall, office, or desk using the flag case. It also tends to mean you brighten and beautify the space.

About the 3×5 Flag Case Dimensions, the length and width of the flag should be concealed in the folds, and a well-fitting flag box should measure 21.5″ x 10.75″. Based on this size, you can create your own flag box to display the best and greatest folded flag. Or you can use 3×5 Flag Shadow Box to as a 3×5 flag frame to make it become a nice decoration.


Different flags have different designs for a variety of reasons. The 3×5 flag is a simple but effective design that is easy to recognize, so you can display it any where and anyway you love. It is also used as a symbol of patriotism or national pride. 

Flagwix is a great source for various fun facts about different flags. And don’t forget our stunning custom flags and decorative items for your house.