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Fly Tennessee Flag & Join A Journey into Tennessee’s Soul

Want to learn about the Tennessee Flag? While often overlooked among American state flags, the Tennessee flag holds a captivating story of artistic and cultural value.

If you’re curious about Tennessee’s unique heritage and the symbolism behind its state flag, you’re in for a treat.

And if you’re searching for Tennessee flag-inspired flags and items that beautifully capture its essence, stick around until the end for an exciting surprise.

Join us on this journey to discover the hidden treasures of Tennessee’s state flag and indulge in its captivating charm.

Exploring the Tennessee State Flag – The Story behind 

The Tennessee flag is geographically situated in the western region of North Carolina. Prior to being designated as Tennessee, the region was commonly referred to as the “Southern Ohio River Territory” or alternatively, the “Southwest Territory” in a shorter form.

“In Washington I’m thought of as a conservative, but in Tennessee I’m thought of as a Bolshevik”.
Howard Baker

Following the conclusion of the American Revolution, the nascent nation commenced a process of westward growth and expansion.

Tennessee was incorporated into the territorial expansion of the United States and achieved statehood in the year 1796. During that period, there was no proposal put forward for a flag.

Tennessee Flag History

Are you curious to learn more about the Tennessee Flag and its unique characteristics?

During the month of April in the year 1861, Tazwell B. Newman, who held the position of Senate President in Tennessee, proposed the creation of a Tennessee Flag.

At the beginning of the American Civil War, a faction of individuals residing in Tennessee held the belief that their state was in need of a flag. 

The Tennessee Flag design incorporated the state seal as a replacement for the circle of stars that were present on the Confederate National flag, commonly referred to as the “Stars and Bars”.

At the point in time under consideration, Tennessee had not yet seceded from the Confederacy. Consequently, despite having joined the Confederacy in the summer of 1861, the flag was not officially adopted.

Prior to its adoption in 1897, the Tennessee flag underwent multiple iterations in its design. The Tennessee Flag design comprises diagonal stripes in the colors of red, blue, and white.

The central white stripe of the Tennessee state flag features a yellow criss-cross pattern that spells out the state’s moniker, “Volunteer State.”

Furthermore, the Tennessee Flag features a numerical figure “16” accompanied by a blue stripe, signifying the state’s position as the sixteenth member to enter the Union of the United States of America.

The aforementioned flag was utilized during the period spanning from 1897 to 1905.

The current iteration of the Tennessee Flag, which is widely recognized today, was officially adopted in the year 1905. The design was conceptualized by Captain LeRoy Reeves.

The individual in question served as a constituent of Company “F” within the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the Tennessee National Guard.

As a native of Johnson City, he has been a resident of Tennessee for a significant period of time. Prior to enlisting in the National Guard, this person held positions as an educator and legal professional.

Prior to finalizing the current design, he engaged in the creation of several distinct flag designs.

What Do The 3 Stars On The Tennessee Flag Mean?

The ultimate configuration was selected in the year 1905. Chapter 498 of the Public Act of 1905 was sanctioned by the Tennessee General Assembly. The flag is characterized by a prominent red backdrop, adorned with three stars of immaculate white hue.

“I knew the whistle of each of the river boats on the Tennessee”.
William Christopher Handy

Tennessee Christmas Wooden Ornament

This signifies the three prominent stars that represent the distinct branches of the government. The three entities are interconnected through an endless blue circle, represented by a trio conjoined in an indissoluble unit. 

Various alternative concepts were proposed in relation to the trio of stars that were employed.

It has been posited that the celestial bodies depicted may symbolize a trio of American presidents hailing from the state of Tennessee, namely Andrew Jackson (7th), James K. Polk (11th), and Andrew Johnson (17th).

An additional instance was documented in the October 1917 edition of the National Geographic periodical.

The text states that the three stars symbolize Tennessee’s status as the third state to be incorporated into the United States subsequent to the initial thirteen. Reeves’ statement indicates that these notions are fallacious.

Read more about Tennessee State Symbols at Tennessee Secretary of State.

The Tennessee State Flag: Bringing Life to Tennessee’s Identity

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Tennessee State Mockingbird And Iris Flower Flag

Presently, the Tennessee flag is utilized throughout the entire state. The emblematic symbol is prominently displayed in various governmental establishments and on numerous commercial insignias.

After a century-long anticipation, Tennessee has finally unveiled a state flag that is deemed noteworthy.

Also, just like in other nations, the Tennessee state flag is frequently displayed at significant events related to politics, culture, history, and special holidays.

Additionally, in life, people from this state proudly display their flag images on decorations and costumes to showcase the distinct cultural identity of their home state.

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Tennessee state bird

Grey fantail (Rhipidura albiscapa) perched on a branch in the Cathedral Range State Park, Victoria, Australia.

The mockingbird, Mimus polyglottos, has been the official state bird since 1933. The mockingbird looks quite similar to the brown warbler and the catbird. And a mockingbird is usually seen as a positive sign or message.

This belief is shared by both traditional folklore and modern wisdom. Some people believe that certain signs are messages from guardian angels or mascots of the state.

These signs are meant to inspire you to be yourself, embrace your unique personality, and look out for the people you care about.

Tennessee State Mockingbird and Iris Flower Flag MLN1141Fv20

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Tennessee State Mockingbird And Iris Flower Flag MLN650F

Tennessee State Mockingbird And Iris Flower Flag MLN650F >>> BUY NOW

Tennessee state flower

In the early 1930s, gardening was all the rage among Tennessee residents. It’s great to see people with a passion for gardening coming together in horticultural clubs to talk about native plants and even advocating for a state flower!

Lawmakers joined in and ultimately chose the beautiful Iris. The iris is a beautiful and graceful flower that represents the rich culture of our state.

It’s a symbol of strength and has been admired for Tennesscee’s beauty for a long time.

Tennessee State Mockingbird And Iris Flower Flag MLN650F

Tennessee State Mockingbird And Iris Flower Flag MLN650F


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