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A Look At Maryland Flag’s Heritage and Our Iconic Design

It’s Flagwix again, and we are back with a new flag topic. If you are curious about the rich symbolism and multicultural representation behind the Maryland flag. Keep reading and learn more about them! And complete your challenges in finding readily available Maryland-inspired flag designs for purchase. 

A Look at Maryland Flag

“No state can match the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, our beaches and farms, or the mountains of Western Maryland, the Port of Baltimore, or the historic charm of every corner of our state”.

Larry Hogan

Maryland Flag

Upon first glance, the Maryland flag appears to be vibrant and colorful, primarily consisting of yellow, black, red, and white. The flag’s design is derived from the shield featured in the coat of arms of the Calvert family, who were the proprietors of the Maryland colony. The coat of arms used by George Calvert, First Lord of Baltimore, consisted of a shield with alternating quadrants of yellow and black.

Distinguishing itself from other state flags in the United States, the Maryland flag stands as a unique emblem as it finds its origin in the coats of arms of British noble families. Integrating the heraldic symbols of the Calvert and Crossland families, the flag honors the legacy of Lord Baltimore, Cecil Calvert, and his familial connections.

An exceptional feature of Maryland’s flag regulations is its meticulous attention to detail, extending beyond the flag’s shape to encompass the flagpole ornament. Specifically, the specifications stipulate that a golden cross must adorn the summit of any flagpole displaying the Maryland flag, demonstrating the state’s commitment to tradition and symbolism.

The Maryland flag assumes a profound symbolism of unity and reconciliation, epitomizing the state’s journey following the tumultuous era of the Civil War. While Confederate sympathizers and supporters adopted distinct colors to represent their cause, a transformative shift occurred after the war, culminating in the creation of a new flag design that harmoniously fused both color schemes. This amalgamation of colors on the Maryland flag signifies the reunification of the state’s populace and serves as a poignant reminder of overcoming divisions and embracing unity in the face of adversity.

History of Maryland Flag

Have you ever wondered how the Maryland flag represents the multiculturalism and diverse backgrounds of the state’s residents?

Maryland, being among the initial 13 colonies, held significant significance in the history of the United States. The state’s significance during the Civil War stemmed from its location along the northern boundary with Pennsylvania, which was demarcated by the well-known Mason-Dixon line. The Maryland flag possesses a rich historical and cultural background.

The historical significance of the Flag: Exploring Maryland’s Flag

The flag of Maryland is a historical symbol that represents the state’s journey toward unity. In 1854, the Calvert family coat of arms was reintroduced on the state seal, resulting in the revival of yellow-and-black Calvert banners at public events.

During the Civil War, Marylanders who supported the South chose the colors red and white, which were associated with the Crossland family. Following the war, a new flag was designed to represent Maryland’s citizens’ unification.

The Calvert and Crossland colors alternate in the flag’s quadrants. The flag rose to prominence in 1888 after being carried by Maryland National Guard troops. The Fifth Regiment officially adopted it the following year. In 1904 the State flag was established as a symbol of unity and reconciliation. The Maryland flag, which still stands proudly today, symbolizes the state’s rich history and unwavering strength.

Maryland State Flag Meaning 

The flag serves as a symbol of the state, effectively commemorating the ideals of its originators and simultaneously evoking the arduous efforts to maintain the integrity of the nation. The aforementioned object serves as a distinctive emblem that represents the triumph over obstacles and the re-establishment of allegiance. It functions as a banner of unity and harmony, unifying all inhabitants of the region.

Maryland Flag Colors

The colors associated with Calvert are commonly identified as gold and black, while those associated with Crossland are red and silver. However, it should be noted that the gold badge is described as comprising gold and silver hues, along with white. The Crossland’s coat of arms features a cross that terminates in demi-fleurs-de-lis and conforms to the traditional definition of a cross. Conversely, the Maryland flag showcases a cross that terminates in buttons, which is referred to as a bottony cross in its corresponding coat of arms.

There are multiple spellings of the term “bottony”. However, the specific variation utilized in this context is governed by a law enacted in 1945, which designates the cross as the authorized embellishment for individuals who carry the flag of Maryland.

From Maryland Flag to Home: Inspirations in Life

“In times of adversity – for the country we love – Maryland always chooses to move forward. Progress is a choice. Job creation is a choice. Whether we move forward or back: this too is a choice”.

Martin O’Malley

Maryland Flag

It’s great to see how much the people of Maryland love and take pride in their flag, just like any other country and locality! It’s really cool how the flag shows up at important political and national events, and it’s always placed next to the American flag with great respect. Did you know that during certain holidays, people in Maryland like to fly the state flag as a way to show their love for their state and get into the holiday spirit?

Have you ever noticed how flags seem to pop up all over the place in our daily lives? From decorations to fashion, they’re everywhere!

You can find out more about the Maryland State flag at Maryland Manual On-Line, click here.

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#1 Maryland flag crab 

Maryland Crab Christmas Flag

Maryland crab garden flag

Blue Crab Maryland Christmas Flag

Maryland flag crab sticker

#2 Maryland country flag

Maryland Flag Black-eyed Susan Flower and Baltimore Oriole Bird Flag

Exploring Maryland's Flag

#3 America Maryland Flag

Maryland Black-eyed Susan Flower Flag

Maryland Black-eyed Susan Flower Flag

Maryland Flag Baltimore Oriole And Black-eyed Susan, Maryland US Flag TPT766F


It’s great to see how state flags bring pride to city dwellers all across the United States! I love seeing the Maryland flag displayed! It’s such a great way to show off our state’s pride and love for our country.

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