Which Easter Flag Should You Get for Your House?

Easy and fun to decorate, an Easter flag is perfect for decorating your house and garden on Easter Day and the days that follow it. But what are Easter flags? What size should you get? And how many types are there? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about buying an Easter flag!

What is an Easter Flag?

An Easter flag is a decorative flag typically flown during Easter time (April). The holiday often signals that spring has arrived, and a new sense of life is rising up. It’s common in many countries to see houses decorated with Easter flags and flowers as part of an overall celebration of springtime. 

Like Christmas ornaments, Easter flags are used in both residential areas and commercial spaces for holiday-related decorations. While there’s no right way to fly an Easter flag, there are specific things you need to know about what kinds are available and how they can be used.

Common Types of Easter Flag

Easter Garden Flags

Easter Garden Flag

If you want to add extra pizazz to your spring decorating without spending much money, consider hanging up an spring garden flag. 

Our Easter garden flags are all about colors and cute elements of the festivity. They can make a great housewarming gift or stocking stuffer. Also, they’re certainly perfect for using indoors in the main window

But after all, why should your house be any less festive than its interior? We recommend choosing at least one vibrant option for those who really want their flag display to be an eye-catching centerpiece of their outdoor space. Please note that bright green or hot pink looks perfect when combined with white flowers and greenery.

Easter Hosue Flags

Easter House Flags

Consider a house flag if you want to add flair to your front porch with something that stands out on the neighborhood block. The ability to actively interact with the natural wind is the advantage of a house flag over a garden flag. And thanks to that, your home will appear more vibrant and alive as compared to others.

So, in April, just put up an Easter house flag. Even though they are always more expensive than garden flags due to their size, these with our unique design will not disappoint you.

Standard Sizes of Easter Flag

Easter flags are available in a variety of sizes on the market. However, due to our research on the appearance of the flag for it to interact well with the wind, be legible from a certain distance and look good on every flagpole style, we only offer the following two flag sizes:

    • 29.5”x39.5” for Easter House Flags
    • 11.5”x17.5” for Easter Garden Flags 

Pick Your Decorative Easter Flags and Banners

There are some different materials Easter flags and banners can be made out of. The most popular options are plastic, vinyl, wood, and paper. In terms of cost and appearance, they vary greatly. 

Plastic is inexpensive but can fade with time if not properly cared for. 

Vinyl remains vibrant year after year but tends to be more expensive than other materials. 

Wood doesn’t fade quickly, but it can chip over time, especially if it’s hung outside in areas exposed to a lot of moisture or wind or when it’s displayed near heat sources like fireplaces or space heaters. 

Paper flags often come on cardboard tubing which makes them easier to hang from hooks or nails around your home. However, they do tend to fade faster than other flag materials.

The best options are canvas and polyester. These two types of material are exceptionally durable, vibrant, and sturdy, yet lightweight enough to wave in a gentle breeze. They are easy to wash and maintain as well. 

Nevertheless, burlap easter garden flags seem to be all the rage because they look beautifully rustic and super easy to handle in those DIY projects. And most people just love making their own seasonal flags!

Therefore, if you’re looking for material to make your own Easter flag, go for burlap! But just pick canvas or polyester flags if you want to buy them.

Decorating with Outdoor Easter Flags is Fun!

Easter is one of those Christian holidays where you want to decorate everything with eggs and bunnies. But sometimes, it can be tiring to get real outdoor Easter eggs or bunny-shaped yard decorations. So, why not try something new and unique with a flag? Trust me— it’ll be fun, time-saving, and exciting for the kids (if any in your home).

Colorful Eggs

Egg Easter Flag

Absolutely! Easter wouldn’t be the same without colorful eggs. Eggs symbolize spring and rebirth, making them a famous characters for decorating Easter gardens and homes. Egg-shaped objects have been found in ancient cave drawings, and decorative eggs have been around for thousands of years. 

Nowadays, many different kinds of eggs can be used as Easter decorations around your home or garden, ranging from tiny plastic eggs to large outdoor banners featuring images of colorful eggs.

Happy Easter Bunnies

Easter bunny flag

The bunny symbolizes spring and fertility, so it makes sense to have an easter flag bunny around at Easter time. Along with brightly colored eggs and garlands, an Easter garden flag featuring a bunny gives us an excellent opportunity to get creative. It can be as straightforward or fancy as you want it to be!

Put Your Pets in Easter Mood!

We know there are dozens of Easter flags out there, and you can pick any favorite that doesn’t come from our store. However, we’re always confident when it comes to the one thing that sets us apart— we care about the feelings of your dogs and cats!

That’s right, check out the Easter flags featuring the images of your pets and see. Flags like this tend to bring a feeling of joy to all members of the family rather than the traditional Easter flags. And most of all, your pet friend is sure to get excited!

Religious Easter Flags

After all, It’s a Christian Holiday to Celebrate

Regardless of the many fun decorations we can get for Easter time, don’t forget it’s a religious holiday— the day when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore, We have added to this Easter Flag Collection the Christian inspiration, which should bring hope and blessing to any home. 


When it comes to house decorating for Easter, you want an Easter flag that will last. Since your home’s exterior is likely exposed to weather and sunlight all year long, your flag must stand up to those elements. 

Size can be a factor in durability since a larger flag would be expected to withstand more wind and wear over time than a smaller one. However, there are several different types of materials that make up outdoor flags. So while some flags may last longer than others, they may not last as long as one made from other materials.

Our Easter flags are made from hearts not just to adorn your house year after year but to create good energy for your family and friends as well. Buy our Easter flags this week to get a great deal! 

Many thanks, and Have a happy Easter!