3x5 Flag (Grommet Flag)

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3x5 Flag (Grommet Flag)

How To Decorate with Pride with Our 3×5 Flag Collection

When it comes to home decor, one of the most popular flag sizes is the 3×5 flag. Its flexible size makes it suitable for many different purposes besides hanging.

With Flagwix, you can discover the countless ways a 3×5 flag can multitask-decor and enhance your home decor.

How Big Is a 3×5 Flag?

3X5 US Flag

The 3×5 flag size is quite large.

The basic decorative flags are available in three sizes. Garden flags are 11.5″ x 17.5″  (29 x 44cm) in size and are commonly used for outdoor decorative flags and walls. House flags dimension 29.5″ x 39.5″ (75 x 100cm) and are commonly used to display and decorate homes.

The 3×5 flag size is significantly larger than the previous two types of flags.

3×5 Flag Dimensions – Advantages of Displaying 3×5 Flags in Your Home

The 3×5 flag is a much greater size than the garden and house flags: 76.2” x 127” (7.62cm x 12.7cm). This form of the flag is commonly seen atop flagpoles that are tall over the buildings, as well as at festivals, parades, and other events,

Flag Pole For 3×5 Flag

3x5 flagpoles

Flag Pole Kit For House Outside >> Buy Now

Choosing the proper flagpole will help you in displaying the 3×5 flag in the best way possible. The size of the flag and the space available should be considered while selecting a standard flagpole.

The following is the conventional formula for selecting a 3×5 flagpole: When placed on the vertical ground, the length of the flag must be 1/4 to 1/3 of the height of the flag pole for a 3×5 flag with grommets.

A 3×5 ft or 4×6 ft flag, for example, would be required for a pole more than 20 feet above the ground.

Furthermore, several remarks about materials, durability, flagpole planting space, and so on will impact your experience when flying the 3×5 flag.

Finding a Flagwix flagpole for 3×5 flag ? Check them >> Flagwix Accessories

Metal Flag Hanger For Porch

Metal Flag Hanger For Porch >> Buy Now

Window Flag Hanger

Window Flag Hanger >> Buy Now

Why 3×5 flag is going on a trend?

What can you do with the 3×5 flag to refresh your space?

The 3×5 flag size offers a unique aesthetic appeal compared to standard flag sizes. Its larger dimensions make it suitable for displaying flagpoles that are 2 meters or taller, ensuring clear visibility for everyone.

This is why it is often chosen for formal events and prominent buildings.

You will often see people holding or draping themselves with 3×5 flags during festivals, parades, demonstrations, or other crowded gatherings. This serves as a way to express playful emotions or convey opinions within a group.

Moreover, 3×5 flags can be used for decorative purposes. On special occasions, they can be utilized as backdrops, becoming the main focal point of the overall decoration concept.

The 3×5 flag from Flagwix is trending to offer endless possibilities beyond flags to beautify and personalize your living space. You can hang it on a flagpole, display it on a wall, hang it on furniture, or incorporate it into creative DIY projects.

On trending at Flagwix: Greet your trick-or-treaters with Halloween flags 3×5 & Halloween flags design that can’t be beat! 🍬🚩

Halloween Collection

What Can You Find at Flagwix For A Great Grommet Flag?

Flagwix customers often seek out grommet flags in different designs, specifically in the widely popular 3×5 flag size, as they understand the significance of decorating their spaces with larger flags.

The Top 3 Designs for 3×5 Flags to Unleash Your Patriotism

If you’re looking for a patriotic flag, we have a large selection. We carry a variety of American Patriotic flags, including traditional flags, flag kits, and garden flags.

>> New Update from Flagwix <<

911 Patriot Day Never forget Grommet Flag TQN1420GF

911 Patriot Day Never forget 3×5 Flag >>> BUY NOW

911 Grommet Flag We Will Never Forget 911 Patriot Day BNN406GFv1

911 3×5 Flag We Will Never Forget 911 Patriot Day >>> BUY NOW

Never Forget 9/11 September 11th Patriot Day No Day Shall Erase From The Memory of Time Grommet Flag MLN408GF

Never Forget 9/11 September 11th Patriot Day No Day Shall Erase From The Memory of Time 3×5 Flag >>> BUY NOW

>>> See the full series of 3×5 Patriotism Flag

or 3×5 9/11 Flag | Memorial Day 3×5 Flags

>>> Ready for 9/11 day? Check the 9/11 flag collection

Best 3×5 American flags Designs for Independence Day

The 3×5 American flags, inspired by the American flag design, offer a unique and visually appealing way to express your patriotism. With their generous size, they are perfect for various decorative purposes and make an excellent gift choice for Independence Day or patriotic celebrations.

These 3×5 flags bring vibrant colors to outdoor spaces, creating a dignified and celebratory ambiance. The 3×5 outdoor size of the American flag allows it to be proudly raised to great heights, ensuring visibility for all.

Alternatively, if flying the 3×5 flag is not desired, it can be elegantly showcased on walls, displaying its magnificence from any angle.

>> New Update from Flagwix <<

Veterans Day Grommet Flag Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave

Veterans Day 3×5 Flag Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave >> Buy Now

2nd Second Amendment Patriotic American Grommet Flag

2nd Second Amendment Patriotic American 3×5 Flag

> Buy Now

Or you can check for the | Independence Day 3×5 Flags |

3×5 State Flags

In recent times, there has been a growing trend of embracing state flags as a means of expressing one’s identity, surpassing conventional flag-flying practices that lack significance. Customers now seek to go beyond simply hoisting a flag and letting it flutter aimlessly.

This is where state flags come in as an ideal choice.

With a wide range of designs inspired by traditional flags and incorporating unique elements representing each state in the United States, state flags have become a distinct and popular accent for homes.

If you desire to showcase the pride you feel for your homeland and desire a flag that stands out from the rest, State Flag is the solution you’ve been seeking.

Texas Grommet Flag

If there is a place that can truly be called the “Heart of America,” it is undoubtedly the state of Texas. While Texas often evokes imagery of lone cowboys, rugged landscapes, and oil industries, this state is so much more.

With this inspiration in mind, we have conceived and produced 3×5 Texas flags that have captured the hearts of countless customers since their introduction. Texas Sweet Home Texas Grommet Flag MLN258GF

Texas Sweet Home Texas 3×5 Flag >> Buy Now

Texas Grommet Flag, All Men Are Created Equal Except Texans

Texas 3×5 Flag, All Men Are Created Equal Except Texans >> Buy Now

3×5 Ohio state flag

Why not consider hanging one of our 3×5 Ohio state flags from our collection? Sharing your love for Ohio with those around you or proudly displaying your Ohio pride.

Michigan Ohio State Grommet Flag QNN823GF

Michigan Ohio State Grommet Flag >> Buy Now

Florida state flag 3×5

Choose the  Florida state flag 3×5 to display the “Sunny State” of the southeastern region, Florida embodies a unique combination of attractions. These distinct characteristics are beautifully represented in the 3×5 state flags of Florida.

Florida Grommet Flag Northern Mockingbird and Orange Blossom

Florida 3×5 Flag Northern Mockingbird and Orange Blossom >> Buy Now

Michigan state flag 3×5

To showcase your pride in this remarkable state, you can choose from a variety of Michigan state flag 3×5 designs inspired by the traditional Michigan flag. Each flag pattern offers a unique and meaningful representation of Michigan’s rich heritage and natural splendor.

Selecting a Michigan state flag 3×5 flag that resonates with you will allow you to display your admiration for this beautiful state proudly.

Michigan Flag American Michigan Grommet Flag TRV1683GFv10

Michigan Flag American Michigan Grommet Flag >> Buy Now

Michigan Grommet Flag Combine LNT449GF

Michigan Grommet Flag Combine >> Buy Now

Mississippi state flag 3×5

Mississippi, known for its charming cities, picturesque beaches, and diverse entertainment options, is a state that truly captivates visitors, consider hanging a Mississippi state flag 3×5 that reflects the state’s unique charm and allure.

By displaying a 3×5 flag that represents Mississippi, you can capture people’s admiration and pique their curiosity about the wonders this state has to offer.

Mississippi Eagle Grommet Flag MLH1774GFv6

Mississippi Eagle Grommet Flag >> Buy Now

Wanna try some Flagwix Custom flags? Click to see >> Custom personalize flags

** You can easily express yourself with our Flagwix 3×5 custom flags. These 3×5-foot flags are made of weather-resistant materials and are best used outside. We have a large selection of flags, including sports team flags, patriotism flags, and flags with meaningful messages.

3x5 custom flag

>>> If you’re looking for more options for state flags, including State flag designs, come check out Flagwix! We’ve got you covered.

South Carolina Flag | Texas Flag | West Virginia Flag | North Carolina Flag | Tennessee Flag

Why Flagwix?

Are you tired of the same old flags with too common and boring designs? Do you long for a flag that truly represents your unique style and personality? Come to see Flagwix, the brand trusted by everyone for its exceptional, trendy, and high-quality flag designs.

At Flagwix, we understand the importance of creating flags that bring a beautiful and inspiring environment. That’s why our 3×5 flags are crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a stunning visual impact from every angle.

Made from thick and durable canvas material, our flags guarantee long-lasting beauty for a long time.

We know how frustrating it can be to search for a decorative flag pattern that stands out from the crowd. With other flags, you’re often faced with monotonous designs and poor materials, leaving you uninspired to proudly fly your flag.

But at Flagwix, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to revolutionize flag decor.

Our exclusive collection offers a wide variety of designs tailored to each season and festival of the year, as well as the unique preferences of our valued customers. Buy it, hang it, or gift it! All will make the best visual effect for any space and any occasion.

But it doesn’t stop there! Flagwix goes the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. We provide lifetime customer service, a hassle-free 30-day return policy, and even offer free shipping on all orders.

As a token of appreciation, we also reward our loyal customers with exclusive reward points and regularly feature discounts and promotions, making it even more accessible for everyone to experience the Flagwix difference.

Don’t settle for ordinary flags that fail to inspire. Choose Flagwix and elevate your decor to new heights. No matter, if it’s your residence, outdoor sanctuary, or any other area, our 3×5 flags, have the power to metamorphose your surroundings into a mesmerizing work of art.

Shop now before our limited-time designs run out of stock and the holiday season comes to an end.

Flagwix is a great source for various fun facts about different flags. And don’t forget our stunning custom flags and decorative items for your house. 


Different flags have different designs for a variety of reasons. The 3×5 flag is a simple but effective design that is easy to recognize, so you can display it anywhere and any way you love. It is also used as a symbol of patriotism or national pride. 


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