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veterans day

Honoring all who served

To honor and thank you for your service, we’re proud to offer all active and retired military personnel and their families a 10% discount with coupon: VET10.


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“Hi Flagwix,

As a matter of fact, I just received it yesterday. I bought it as a gift for a friend who is a disabled Vietnam vet. I delivered it today. The look on his face when I pushed his wheelchair outside so he could see his new garden flag isn’t something I could do justice to verbally. The tears in his tired old eyes and the smile on his face told me all I needed to know. I think I did okay. Thank you for the part you played in making this happen.


James W. Smith”

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I really like how this looks! This flag was a huge hit. My husband absolutely loved it. Thank you so much.

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Awesome Flag! Bought this as our son is in the military. Very big and we are proud.

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Memorial Garden

We are in the process of creating a Memorial Garden for my Dad that passed 3 years ago. We love the flag it is very well made and the colors are true. It is a great addition to the garden.

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