Giving Back

Flagwix is proud to become a partner of social groups, contributing to the betterment life of persons with special situations.


People with autism aren’t necessarily odd; they’re simply living in a world they’ve created for themselves and feeling safe in it. Our goal is to support them in entering our world bravely.

Recognizing this, Flagwix wishes to spread and raise people’s awareness of the importance of caring for and sharing more with people and children who have been or are suffering from autism.

Flagwix has designed a collection of flag designs for autistic people: Autism Collection. You are donating to helping persons with autism integrate and live more fully with each purchase of products from this collection.


Give an Hour is a humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting exceptional people in society with their mental health care.

Flagwix is thrilled and proud to sponsor and collaborate with a humanitarian organization. Although the approaches differ, the missions of Give an Hour and Flagwix have something in common.

As a result, we are delighted to be a partner in donating a part of the proceeds from the Veterans Collections to Give an Hour, allowing them to support an increasing number of people. With the support from customers, Flagwix donated nearly $2000 to Give an Hour. We hope you will spread the word and keep backing this partnership and the number of donations will continue to grow. 

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Direct Relief is a non-profit organization that provides medical relief as well as medical supplies and resources. They emphasize areas and countries where medical resources and supplies are few and difficult to obtain.

Flagwix is glad to join with Direct Relief to provide a part of the revenue to benefit Ukrainians affected by the war, with a target audience of locations and groups of people in urgent need of medical relief.

You have contributed one dollar to the fund to help and assist people in Ukraine with each Ukrainian flag product purchased from Flagwix. We hope that this money will help individuals affected by the war in a tough time.

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With the goal of targeting community values, Flagwix has been expanding to other communities. With the motto: to give is to receive, Flagwix is constantly looking for partnerships to affirm the brand image and spread positive human values.