Flagwix has launched the Cat Flag category in honor of this adorable animal, allowing cat owners to bring this pet to the spotlight.

Cats were the most sacred animals in Egyptian belief, and they were protected by their gods. Even if they aren’t deified, it’s difficult to deny how adorable and mischievous they are.

But why cat flags? Continue reading to learn why they are great ideas for your home decor and what you can do to display them.

Introducing to Flagwix Cat Flag Category

Patriotic Cat House Flags

patriotic cat flag

The Fourth of July is our favorite holiday to kick off this category.

On the flags, images of cats are interspersed with the Blue – Red – Yellow background. 

With only one theme, Independence Day, our creative design team created many different designs in the hope that they would represent the right sentiment of the user.

Halloween Cat Flags

halloween cat flag

Black cats are the dominant creature when it comes to Halloween. That is the main reason why we have involved them in this them. 

Also, Halloween is all about being creative with your home decor. If you own a cat at home, make sure to tell your neighbors about your cat in the Halloween weeks. 

You can do it by hanging a flag outside your porch with a flagpole or hanging it down from the eaves. 

We hope the breeze will visit your home and make the flag fly proudly and mysteriously.

Christmas Cat Flags

christmas cat flag

Christmas is, without a doubt, the most anticipated time of the year. It is the time for all family members to get together and share memorable moments.

Most people consider their pet to be a member of their family as well. And to honor what our feline friends have brought to our spiritual life over the past year, hang their flags!

You might think that cats know nothing about what we are doing out there with their face printed on a piece of fabric.

They can see it, of course. Even though you suppose they don’t understand a single meaning of that flag, they can sense it through you.

Irish Cat Flags

irish cat flag

The Irish cat flags are designed to add a splash of color to St. Patrick’s Day.

Although cats have nothing to do with specific Irish holidays, you can incorporate them into the festive atmosphere to make the event more enjoyable.

Cats are considered pompous animals, but they will be an impressive part of your events with their adorable faces and sometimes flattering humans.

So, if you’re a cat-obsessed Irishman, fly these flags on St. Patrick’s Day to spice up your home decor.

Why Cat Flags Are Worthwhile

They Celebrate Your Cats

Celebrating cats? Yes, you heard it.

When was the last time you did something special for your feline friends? And what did you do to give them credit for making you happier all these times?

There is a fact few people know that cats are just as loyal as dogs. It’s just that their loyalty comes from their genuine desire. 

That is, you have to make them feel loved so they will love you back.

That makes cats even more valuable.

So, our flags are made to celebrate that beautiful thing! 

They Add a Flair To Your Home Decor

Our flags are available in various designs to help your home stand out from the rest.

If you think your porch is decorated with many greenery or signs but still lacks something, consider hanging such a flag.

Because of their unique design and vibrant colors, they make your space stand out.

However, don’t be concerned that it will make everything appear cheesy.

Our flags even have almost a color combination on them. Yet, they are designed with colors that work well together to be sophisticated.

The flag’s vivid cat images make it not only beautiful but also soulful, in addition. 

It leaves guests in awe of your front door and gives them something to look up to while they wait for you to open it.

Where To Hang My Cat Flag?

Don’t worry — there must be multiple spots in the area where you can show off your four-legged friend through a flag.

    • Porch: This is the place where most people would hang their flags. That allows them to wave in just a gentle breeze.
    • Garden: In the middle of your garden or at some greenery corners, display your cat garden flags using flag stands. Also, thanks to the flowers, leaves, and butterflies around, your cat flag will look perfect. 
    • Walls: You can hang the flag on a particular wall as long as it serves the beauty of that area (E.g., Over the bed, guest room, patio, door, over the mantel, etc.).
    • Eaves: Hanging the flag down from the eaves is a rare but appreciated practice. This allows the appearance of the flag to be fully visible and to allow movement in the wind.

Final Words

Cat flags are a unique option for those who own cats. It not only reminds you of the value of your pet, but it also informs visitors that all feline friends are welcome here!

Above all, the cat flag designs are a vibrant color accent for any living space. This flag is a must-have no matter where you live, if you run an office for the benefit of pets, or if you own a cafe for cat lovers. Believe us when we say that your cat will roll her eyes when she sees it.

Flagwix is confident in its position as the market’s leading flag-making brand, offering high-quality and one-of-a-kind designs!

Aside from flags, we also offer signs and door covers, with the goal of adding a great accent to your home decor.

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Thank you for reading this!