Stand With Ukraine

For every Ukraine Flag purchased, $5 will be donated to Ukrainian Refugees through Direct Relief!

Together we stand with Ukraine

While the Ukraine flag is flying everywhere outdoors and in cyberspace, Russian missiles fly over the Ukrainian people’s heads.

They live in fear every day due to the malicious hegemony of the two countries’ rulers. In this war, the “weak” are sent to the front lines only to serve the “strong.”

War, for whatever reason, is brutal and pointless!

The constant Russian attacks forced them to flee just to find a place where there was no bomb scene. It hurts us that many Ukrainians are seriously in physical pain right now and also lack medical aids. It was also reported that innocent people’s blood had been spilled while seeking refuge!

So, let’s remember that Peace is not a single person’s story. Not just a wish, we feel compelled to assist the Ukrainian people, no matter how small.

However, we believe that with everyone’s help, we can make a significant difference from far away!

For every item purchased from our “Stand With Ukraine” Collection until the end of 2022 — $5 will be donated to Ukrainian refugees through Direct Relief.

About Direct Relief Organization

It is difficult for those of us who live far away to donate to the Ukrainians. So, with the help of Direct Relief — all donations will get to where they need to go as soon as possible.

With the power to react quickly, Direct Relief provides emergency relief and recovery for marginalized communities worldwide. 

Bringing emergency assistance where needed most, the organization’s work focuses on creating equity by listening to marginalized people whose needs are often unheard but essential for them to regain self-sustainability.

Along the way, Direct Relief has partnered with many large organizations such as Facebook, FedEx, Google, NAFC, PayPal, etc.

Flagwix has now become a partner of Direct Relief, with the goal of assisting Ukrainians.

» See how Direct Relief is helping with your donation

How Would I Know If My Donation is Successfully Processed?

After your purchase has been processed, an announcement will be sent to your email, so you know if it’s done successfully.

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Our “Stand With Ukraine” Collection

The flag of Ukraine has always been present in our eyes with a very simple but eye-catching design. It is a combination of two recognizable color bands — blue and yellow.

The blue band is placed on the top half to depict the blue skies, demonstrating calm and peace. The yellow band under it stands for the vast wheat fields across Ukraine, representing joy and prosperity.

Aside from making a donation, flying a flag that expresses your desire for peace is essential.

With it in mind, the “Stand With Ukraine” collection was born, which includes Flags, Hoodies, and Hanging Signs.

The authentic Ukrainian flag inspires our products to raise peace awareness as much as possible deeply.

Sunflowers, blue, and yellow are all easily recognizable images associated with Ukraine.

We also bring more unique designs with the Peace sign, Dove, and inspirational words.

Furthermore, because most Americans do not support this war, we subtly incorporated the Old Glory into some designs. And guess what — they represent many of our American customers’ sentiments exactly!

Why Do We Need to Raise the Ukraine Flags?

The conflict in Ukraine is getting more and more intense, making our help for Ukrainian refugees more necessary than ever.

But when we look closely, we realize that war is crueler because the public is unaware of its cruelty!

In other words, contributing to the brutality of a war is the indifference of bystanders. But that is not because the public is indifferent to the lives of fellow human beings.

Sometimes, the media intentionally distracts us from feeling the war is what we should pay serious attention to.

So, to remind yourself and those around you of the war which is taking away many people’s rights and lives, raise your flags today!

You can join us in calling for an end to the war and helping Ukrainians through this crisis.

By ordering a Ukraine flag from Flagwix, you not only donate the Ukrainian needed supplies but also tell them they will never be left behind!


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