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There are dozens of ways to adorn your porch with today’s diverse decor items. However, not everyone is capable of turning it into an absolute highlight.

To do so, first, consider what you want to see on the front door. A door cover is an excellent example of transforming your front porch into a welcoming spot for all visitors.

So, what makes door covers such an excellent porch decoration? What can you do with them? What types does Flagwix have in stock?

Read on to follow up!

door cover

Why Is a Door Cover Worthwhile?

A perfect accent with little cost

Door covers add to your home decor and are a worthy investment that lasts for years.

What’s the first thing you notice when you walk past a house?

“Front door” will be the most common response. Its appearance is important because it is in the center of the porch, which catches people’s first sight.

You can make your home more appealing by putting a new and more vibrant “shirt” on the front door.

It may sound like an entire budget, but it will only cost you a few dollars. Flagwix has the best prices on door covers you have never seen before.

Easy to install and uninstall

Door covers are straightforward to get installed and uninstalled, making them an excellent option for renters and people with busy schedules.

To cover a door is something you can do entirely on your own.

  •  Just stick the top right corner of the product to the door corner in the same position.
  • Hold it with your right hand to make sure it doesn’t come off as you slide it into the upper left corner of the door.
  • Then repeat the process for the bottom two corners.
  • Finally, adjust the angles again to ensure the door cover is stretched as much as possible.

The “concealer” and “privacy guard” for doors

Do you have an old unaesthetic front door but do not want to disassemble it, even though it is no longer suitable? Is your front door new but unfortunately showing scratches or stains that cannot be removed? Or it simply no longer serves your taste?

The door cover is one solution that works just in a blink without breaking your bank. It will also give a new and more wonderful look to your door.

Door covers are an excellent solution for those whose patio doors can be see-through from the outside in. They provide privacy, prevent scorching sunlight and adorn the patio as well. 

To show off your style seasonally or for a special occasion

It is essential to show your unique personality on every decorative piece, no matter if it’s cheap or expensive. It is also a waste if you do not know what you will achieve by displaying them in advance.

The usual condition for a person to choose decor, typically a door cover, is whether the images and textures are seasonal? Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter?

According to our survey, 75% of people who purchased this product get more than two different designs simultaneously. That means they are contemplating swapping out one item for another depending on the holiday season that suits it.

Flagwix’s door covers were conceived and launched based on that research. We always try to offer our customers a variety of choices.

Thus, we have got you covered whether you are looking for door covers for Easter, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas!

Flagwix Decorative Door Covers

Product Details

    • Materials: A fabric made from a blend of polyester and spandex. Slightly less stretchy than an article of clothing made specifically for athletics but still holds up well.
    • Colors: Printed with the latest printing techniques! With every wash or time spent in sunlight, these fabric door covers show no sign of fading.
    • Easy installation: Just wrap them around your door and be done! Tools, tape, cutting? No way. We make installing easy for everyone because we know you are busy too!
    • Sizes: Available four sizes to choose from to ensure a perfect fit every time. Just measure your door first, so there are no surprises when you receive your product.
    • How to care: Machine-washable and dryer safe, so if these come off quickly, they won’t cling onto dust either. Plus, they will never wrinkle!

halloween door cover

Halloween Door Cover

Halloween is Flagwix’s favorite time of the year, and thus, we incorporate this holiday vibe into our door covers. 

A Halloween door cover in our shop looks perfectly scary to those little trick or treaters! The items can vary from witch-based aesthetics to Jack-O’-Lantern themes. Whatever you have found in a Halloween product, you can also find it in our Halloween door covers.

christmas door cover 

Christmas Door Cover

We love Christmas as much as we love Halloween, and we offer Christmas door covers in our shop as well. Our customers bought it a lot in early November since we have the most incredible deals around that time. 

Whether you would like to have some Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, hummingbird, Jesus born, or snowman energy, our items meet those needs.

christian door cover

Christian Door Cover

God is in our hearts, but it’s even better if we can share His presence with others. We have a variety of door covers with images and even Bible verses to bless you whenever you walk through the door.

dog door cover

Dog Door Cover

At Flagwix, we care about your interests and the things that make you happiest. We have always understood that pets play a vital role in many people’s lives. Having a dog by your side means you are nurturing pure positive energy and boundless love around you.

Our Dog door covers pay tribute to what your dog has given you over the years. Hanging it on the front door also shows that your house welcomes four-legged friends. So, the guests can bring their puppies to your home with joy and confidence.

Final Takeaways

Using a door cover is like buying a new door for your home. Moreover, this “new door” is much more budget-friendly, easy to use, and durable. You can even replace it with another one (if needed) with ease.

There are many types of door covers on the market today; however, keep in mind that the best door cover is the one that best suits your door.

At Flagwix, we offer four different sizes to ensure the right fit for your door. Products are also divided by season, festival occasion, and preferences.

If you have any questions about our products and customer service, contact us via email at

Thank you for using our product!