Nurses have big hearts and are consistently passionate about their chosen field. But oftentimes, they hardly find a great nurse flag that helps to speak their proud statement about what they do.

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Nurse Flag Origin & Meaning

Origin of the Nurse Thin Line Flag

A nurse flag is a symbol of the nursing profession and its history. The original nurse flag started with the creation of the thin blue line flag, which supports U.S. Law Enforcement.

In fact, there was no flag made especially for nurses but the flag for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in the first place. The EMS flag is the black and white American flag with a thin white line in the middle.

The nurse flag was then officially created to look the same as the EMS flag, but there is a slight difference. It comes with an additional thinner red line in the middle bolder white line. 

Today, it’s called the nurse thin line flag.

Nurse Flag Meaning

The flag is meant to represent all nurses in America, regardless of where they practice or their specialty. It’s also meant to remind everyone that nurses care for us every day, sometimes without credit or recognition.

The thin red line on the flag represents devotion and enthusiasm, while white signifies purity and kindness.

The nurse flag’s meaning is significant because it also stands for the many people who have dedicated their lives to helping others through nursing.

nurse flag

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Your Favorite Nurse Deserves the Honor with our Flags

Many people who have nursed know that it’s not easy work. Nurses must be devoted to their patients, constantly monitoring their condition and ensuring they get the best care possible.

Nurses do this work because they believe it’s crucial and wants to make a difference in the lives of others. Because nurses care about people in such a personal way, we think they have to be recognized for their efforts.

So if you have a loved one who is a nurse, put a proud smile on their face with our flag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What flag color is for nurses?

The flag for nurses has two main colors, white and red. While white represents EMS, red specifically represents nurses.

Do nurses have a flag?

As we discussed above, nurses in the U.S. have their own flag, which is known as the thin red line flag. Though, this flag differs from the thin red line flag for firefighters.

Is there a symbol for nurses?

The most recognized symbol for nurses is the caduceus. This symbol is commonly used in many nursing uniforms and can be seen on nurses’ hats and vests.

nurse flags featuring the caduceus

The caduceus was first used as a symbol for Mercury—the Roman messenger god who was considered the king of medicine. It became a symbol for nurses because it resembles the staff, which carries medicine and treatment to patients.

It symbolizes healing because it includes two snakes wrapped around an upright staff with wings on both ends. Snakes were thought to hold venom because they kill snakes, but they can also bring life when they cure people who are sick or injured. So this symbol represents healing in several ways.

The staff represents power because physicians have long used it as a tool for measuring blood pressure and other medical conditions that require care. Therefore, this shape represents power over disease or injury.

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