Graduation Flags

Graduation flags have been used forever to celebrate grads’ accomplishments after an academic year of hard work. This year, Flagwix has launched a collection of personalized graduation flags to serve that proud purpose.

If you are looking for something that is congratulatory, witty, unique, or full of pride, we’ve got you covered! Our flags are available in different sizes and gorgeously displayed in gardens, on the porch, or on walls.

Read on to learn more about our flags!

Frequently Asked Questions about Flagwix Graduation Flags

1. Why should I buy a graduation flag from Flagwix?

Flagwix has been a flag expert for years and believes in celebrating everything that makes our lives better regarding societal awareness, recognition, and inspiration. Every product is launched to perform the best quality in materials and designs.

Our materials are not very common as compared to the market, yet, it is guaranteed to stand out and last for years. Our graphic designs are perfectly unique, which sets us apart from our competitors.

Additionally, as an E-commerce company, we understand that a quick response to our customers and excellent shipping service is very important. Thus, once you make an order from Flagwix, no worry about anything – we got you from A-Z!

2. What fabric materials are perfect for a graduation garden flag?

All of our flags are made out of canvas to ensure your purchase is high-quality and affordable. This type of fabric provides an excellent base for the ink colors to become highly contrasted on flags. Also, canvas flags can be displayed both indoors and outdoors.

If you have a graduation party, these canvas graduation lawn flags can serve as attention-grabbing decor. Why? Canvas is light enough to wave in a breeze while tough enough not to get torn and worn in extreme winds.

And guess what? At the end of the day, you can keep your flag as memorabilia in a box or a closet. Do not worry if it can get moldy (as time passes by) since our canvas fabric is built mildew resistant.

3. What types of flags for graduation does Flagwix offer?

  • Traditional Graduation House Flags

These traditional graduation flags simply say “ Congratulations”, “We are so proud of you”, or “We made history”. They are full of surprises as a graduation gift.

graduation flags

  • Personalized Graduation Flags

Personalized flags to celebrate someone’s graduation come from different options.

You can find flags that personalize the grad’s name and school name. A graduation flag with a picture is also worth considering if you want something lively and prominent.

Additionally, if it is a personalized graduation garden flag, you’ll know it is the best decision ever! Graduation flags are preferred to hang in the garden, while a picture of your grad will pique the interest of everyone!

When making a purchase, make sure to add your name, school name, or your photo to our shopping box! We’ll take care of the rest for you!

  • “Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop me” Flags

The senior class of 2022 must be true “survivors” since it has been three years of a global pandemic. Thus, there were unique challenges during the periods, but they just nailed them all. That is a bonus reason for us to celebrate their accomplishments in a special way! And, what could be better than a graduation flag that tells about the seniors’ control over a global pandemic.(?)

  • “A Senior lives here!” Flags

If you plan to hold a party at home after that graduation ceremony, hang a flag that says something like this!

Or, if your kid has just received a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, or a graduate certificate, these flags say a lot about your pride!

personalized graduation flags

4. Does Flagwix offer graduation banners?

No and Yes.

Banners have not been what we made so far. Even so, it is possible to say that you can use flags as banners. Yes, you just heard it!

A flag might not be in the popular shape of a banner, it is okay to hang a graduation house flag on a wall or under the eaves. Those are two common ways of displaying a graduation banner.

5. Can you wear a flag to graduation?

Wearing a flag to your graduation might be a good idea to celebrate the day remarkably. However, be aware of the graduation dress code!

How To Maintain A Graduation Flag?

Cleaning and storing one-time-used flags like those graduation flags is not that hard, especially for our products.

Cleaning graduation outdoor flags

There are two ways:

  1. If your flags are displayed for 24 hours outdoors, first, you need to check their situation carefully. If they are completely dirty and damp, machine-wash them with the lowest spin speed. Another option is to wash them by hand. That way allows you to fully control the quality of your flags after cleaning.
  2. If your yard flags are displayed for a short period of time outdoors and still look fresh, use a hot damp cloth to wipe off the dust on both sides of each flag and hang them dry indoors.

Storing flags

Storing flags requires some technical methods if you want to keep them as long as possible in good condition. Here are the ways:

  1. Keep flags in an airtight container that allows no damp air or external damage.
  2. Hang flags flat in a room that is clean and even disinfected regularly. Make sure not to let them touch the ground at any chance.
  3. Wrap the flags in a vacuum-sealed bag while making sure they are put away from sunlight.

Final Words

Flagwix’s Graduation flags come in many designs, patterns, and colors to make sure you get the right options for yourself or for a grad. Choose from our collection today if you are looking for something long-lasting, vibrant, and affordable.

If there is any question or request about our products and service, feel free to reach out to Flagwix via email at

Thank you!