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While you may not have thought about it before, pitbull flags are often used as patriotic decorations in the United States. They have appeared both in individuals’ homes and at special events like baseball games and Fourth of July celebrations. 

In this post, let’s see why we decide to make a Pitbull Flag collection. Also, if you’re interested in purchasing your flag to show off your patriotism, there are several things you should consider when using them. Let’s get started!

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Why We Made These Pitbull Flag Designs

It is no secret that patriotism is a common theme in America. We were inspired to create Pitbull flags after seeing just how many dog owners chose their pet as a mascot. Significantly, The American Pit Bull is widely considered to be one of America’s most beloved pet breeds. This animal is a symbol of strength, loyalty, and protection.

These days, not only are our pets considered members of our family, but they are also symbols of our love for one another. This was an opportunity we could not pass up! Thus, we designed these flags with both function and form in mind. 

Our team came together to create a flag that incorporates quality construction and attention to detail so it will last for years to come. The design of each flag is meant to symbolize your patriotic spirit and reflect your passion for everything American-made. 

How to Show Your Patriotism With Our Pitbull American Flags

Here at Flagwix, we are proud to carry several high-quality U.S.A.-themed flags that’ll help you show your patriotism in any situation. Whether you want to fly one from your home or hang it up in your office, there are tons of ways our Pitbull American flags can help you show off!

#1 Hang them from a balcony or patio

This is the most traditional way to display a house flag with a flagpole. Also, the canvas fabric used in our flags is top-notch and will make sure your banner stays standing no matter how intense (or slight) winds get.

#2 Hang them down from the eaves

No need for any flagpole in this way! You can just find a rope or any secure adherent method to attach the flag hoist to the eaves. It is quite a simple way to display your pitbull flag, but it requires a really keen eye. You should treat the flag as a good picture on a wall.  Just make sure there is no (or very little) wind around the flag so the “pitbull’s face” won’t get deformed.

#3 Hang them on the wall

If you are unsure about the wind, displaying your flag on a particular wall is the safest way. It is getting more interesting if you hang the banner in your bulldog’s room or space. Hey— Patriotic occasions are about all American folks, including your puppies!!!

#4 Place Them In Your Garden

Do you have a garden? If yes, take advantage of this home evergreen area to make the most of your flag decor. Remember that garden flags are smaller than house flags, and you must have a flag stand to display them perfectly.

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Fun Facts about Pit Bulls You Might Not Know

Read these fascinating facts to blow your mind about Pit Bulls as well as to know why these dogs deserve a flag-raising!

#1 Pit Bulls are loyal and loving, making them excellent guard dogs. They are actually not aggressive, as many people believe. 

#2 They were even used in WWI to deliver messages on battlefields or between trenches when communication was unsafe. 

#3 They can be used as therapy dogs to help children who have been abused or involved in accidents cope with fear and anxiety and overcome feelings of helplessness and anger. They are known as “Nanny Dogs”.

#4 Pit Bulls have their month to celebrate. It is October— National Pit Bull Awareness Month.

#5 Pit Bulls are one of the most friendly dog breeds. They are people-oriented and have a facial bone structure that makes them look like they are smiling all the time.

#6 Some Pit Bulls are naturally sweet-tempered, while others can be vicious toward people who aren’t their owners. (So, be careful!)

#7 Contrary to popular belief, Pit Bulls aren’t a specific breed at all. They’re just different mixes of dogs, including American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and many more.

#8 In 1993, a Pit Bull named Wheela saved countless lives when she became a hero after the devastating dam break on the Tijuana River. For over three months, she provided relief for stranded animals and delivered food to them until they were all safe. With nothing but love in her heart, she even rescued 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses, and one cat from drowning. Now that’s what you call an animal worth celebrating!

Final Thoughts

Every dog deserves to be loved and cared for. But when it comes to Pit Bulls, these animals hold a special place in our hearts that we don’t know we could ever give up. They are the most loyal companions who will always stay by your side no matter what – even when you’re too busy watching TV! 

More than loving and craving affection from humans, Pitbulls want to give back all the love they receive from those who take care of them. But unfortunately, they have been stigmatized as violent animals who attack people and other dogs alike. These misconceptions have made them one of the first breeds used in dogfighting rings when purebred animals prove too expensive or difficult to acquire for this illegal practice.

Thus, let’s make a difference in people’s awareness of these dogs by raising your Pitbull Flag today. It is a great decor piece and a helpful reminder for our society to treat them more kindly.